Muffler vs. Exhaust: Is there a Difference?

If you're like most drivers, then you've gotten used to calling your car's exhaust a muffler. You hear this all time in Seaside, but it's not just a bit of regional slang. It's technically a mistake many people make, but knowing the difference can make it easier to explain to a mechanic what's wrong with your car.

Exhaust refers to the whole system that ejects hot waste gases out of the back of your automobile. The muffle is an important part of the exhaust system that reduces how much noise your engine system makes. While the name comes from the fact that it muffles sounds, it does far more than just protect your ears.

The muffler controls the engine's backpressure, which is created by valves throughout your car moving in different directions. If you've noticed any weird noises coming out of the back of your vehicle, then come into Lexus Monterey Peninsula today for a quick checkup.



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