Upgrade Your Ride by Becoming a Lyft or Uber Driver

Do you have your heart set on a high-end luxury car this year but can't quite figure out how to afford the note? There might be a way for you to live your dream without killing your savings. Consider becoming a Lyft or Uber driver.

Ride share services like Lyft and Uber charge double or triple their usual rate for clients that are looking ride around Seaside in style. For Uber drivers, most people with regular, late model cars like drive UberX and the higher end vehicles are called Uber Black. Even working part time, you'll make twice as much as an Uber driver with a high end vehicle.

If you would love to drive a new Lexus model, come down to Lexus Monterey Peninsula for a test drive and let our expert team help you find a way to make the car of your dreams an affordable reality today.



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