Tips for Preventing Rodent Damage

In addition to taking active steps to maintain engine components, paint finish and the interior of their car, motorists may need to combat unwanted rodent infestations. Whether you park your vehicle in a wooded area or in a garage, four-legged pests can be a problem, but there are ways to defend against vehicle damage.

Any exposed surface or entry into the engine compartment can provide an irresistible invitation to rodents. Once there, they’ll chew on wires or bring flammable materials for nest making. Cover all openings with wire mesh and wrap exposed wires with foul-tasting tape to prevent unwanted attention.

If you’d like help rodent-proofing your vehicle or already have damage from pests that needs repair, stop by Lexus Monterey Peninsula. Our mechanics can give you tips on making your vehicle less attractive to rodents and can repair any damages. Your repair costs may even be covered under your comprehensive insurance.



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