Car Covers: Protect Your Automotive Investment

We at Lexus Monterey Peninsula understand that your vehicle is more than a means of transportation - it's an investment, one you wish to extend and protect. Car covers can help you maintain the exterior beauty and appeal of your car, sedan, or truck.

In Seaside, the exterior of your vehicle can be exposed to a myriad of environmental elements that can detract or even damage the paint or panels. Rain, sun, sleet, high winds are all weather phenomenon that creates wear and tear on the paint job of your vehicle. For areas with high pollen counts or that have autumn leaves falling, these elements can also build up and negatively impact the exterior. And neighborhood cats that climb and scratch along with wild bird droppings can severely damage your vehicle's exterior.

When compared to the cost of repairing scratches or repainting your vehicle, a car cover is a low-cost investment that yields high rewards.



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