SUV Benefits: Should You Buy One?

An SUV is a vehicle that we at Lexus Monterey Peninsula love to show off to our customers. The benefits and features of an SUV are great for people who like driving something safe, reliable, and roomy. They are good for traveling around the Seaside area or taking a long road trip.

Rainy Weather

An SUV is easier to navigate in the rainy seasons. This is because they are higher off the ground and can get through water on the road easier. Some SUVs have no problem getting through flood waters.


If you have pets, an SUV is an easy way to transport them back and forth to the vet or an event. You may be able to fit a kennel in the back of your SUV or have enough space for a large dog to lay down comfortably. If you have larger animals, pulling a trailer is possible in an SUV.



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