Make Your Roof Rack Fit Right

When you visit our dealership in Seaside, we want you to be informed on how your vehicle functions in every way possible. The advantages of using a roof rack system are beneficial in allowing you to keep anything you want on top of the car and not taking up space in the cabin.

How to Properly Install Your Luggage Rack

You must read the instructions specific to your roof rack before installing it on to your vehicle. 
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Performing a Tire Rotation the Right Way

Rotating your car's tires every 5,000 miles is an important vehicle maintenance procedure that will help to ensure long-lasting tread on your tires as well as preventing costly maintenance repairs to your drivetrain system and keep things spinning evenly.

What to Do When it Comes Time for a Tire Rotation

Bring your car to Lexus Monterey Peninsula when it comes time to do a tire rotation where we will 

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Gaskets Are a Part of Routine Car Maintenance

Gaskets are flexible seals made from rubber and other materials that help keep engine fluids in place. Sometimes, they are made of copper, which is more durable. Many gaskets must withstand high heat and pressure. Even thin steel gaskets can break down over time and begin to fail.

One of the most obvious signs of gasket failure is fluid underneath the car when it is parked. When some gaskets fail, it can cause engine pressure to drop and cause sluggishness or engine failure. 
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Steps To Take After An Accident

Accidents are a common occurrence in Seaside. Making sure you take care of yourself and others are the top priorities after an accident. Our team of experts has compiled some steps you should take after an accident.

Assess the situation is the first thing you should do. You should check and make sure everyone is okay and see if you can get out of the way of traffic. After you have gotten to a safe location and have made sure no one is injured you can notify the police of your incident and then contact your insurance agent and let…
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Lexus UX200 San Jose, CA

The Lexus UX200 Near San Jose is a SUV with Agility and Refined Luxury

The Lexus UX200 near Salinas at Lexus Monterey Peninsula combines the styling and spaciousness of a luxury SUV without sacrificing handling and grace. The result is a comfortable ride and the ability to handle Northern California traffic with confidence.

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Lexus UX 250h San Jose, CA

Enjoy Exceptional Fuel Efficiency with the Lexus UX 250h in San Jose at Lexus Monterey Peninsula

Few luxury SUVs combine performance, amenities, and fuel efficiency quite like the Lexus UX 250h in San Jose. The unique engine helps get the most out of every tank of gas so you can focus on more on the drive ahead, and less on the fuel gauge.

Plenty of Performance Under the Hood

The hybrid engine of the Lexus…

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Understanding Auto Finance Terms

With the high price of vehicles today, most drivers require financing to purchase a vehicle. We at Lexus Monterey Peninsula want you to make an informed vehicle purchase, and the best way you can do this is to have a good knowledge of auto finance terms.
  • Amount financed – This is the amount of money you borrow from the bank.
  • Annual percentage rate (APR) – This is the amount of interest buys per the bank on a yearly basis.
  • As-Is Vehicle – This is used to describe a vehicle that is sold with no warranty.
  • Auto loan calculator – This is an online tool…
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How to Remove Dog Hair When Detailing

Here at Lexus Monterey Peninsula, we like to keep you in the loop when it comes to the best ways of caring for your vehicle. Today we want to share the best ways we've found to take care of dog hair when detailing your vehicle.
• With a mix of fabric softener and water, lightly spray upholstery and then go across it with a paper towel, let dry, then vacuum.
• Inflate a balloon, create static by rubbing it against something, then use the static to pick up hair.
• Spray water lightly on your upholstery, don rubber gloves, and rub upholstery…
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Roadside Emergency Kit Essentials

No one wants to be stranded out on the roadway. It can be a scary feeling. Most of us will experience some type of vehicle breakdown at some point. Everyone needs to have a roadside emergency kit in the vehicle to be prepared when trouble comes.

Your roadside emergency kit needs to contain some essential items. You will want to have jumper cables in case your battery runs down. It's a good idea to have a flashlight in your kit so you can see in the darkness. Always make sure that you have a spare tire as well as…
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Simple Tips on How to Avoid Hydroplaning

Driving on wet roads can be difficult for many drivers. The team here at Lexus Monterey Peninsula wanted to make certain you understood how to safely navigate your vehicle on wet roads.

Before even setting out to drive, make certain you have the appropriate tire pressure in all four tires. Look closely at the treads, and have the tires rotated frequently to create an even wear.

When traveling on wet roads, be sure to never use your cruise control. Slow down on wet surfaces, you'll have more time to brake. One other thing to consider is to travel in…
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